Just a little rant here about people wanting ‘queer champions’ in league of legends. Firstly; how do you know there isn’t already? What are you expecting to find, a gay orgy in the tri-bush to confirm that there might actually be gay champions already in the League? Do they need to announce their sexual intentions on champion select? Hoist a rainbow flag on Jarvan’s pole? Have a passive where they do double penetration to the same sex? Like seriously… I can understand you wanting equality but why does it matter what genitals they like when they’re literally fighting in an arena. What will it take for you to be pleased and what exactly will it take for champions to associate with being gay? Please use your brain before you go all social justice bullshit. For all you know every single League champion could be gay, or lesbian, or bisexual, pansexual, hell they might even be asexual. It doesn’t matter what you want to fuck because this isn’t a hentai flash game, it’s a game where you kill people.